We all know that exercise
is good for us, but we also
want to enjoy it

That’s where
comes in!

My name’s Tara and my goal is to make exercise accessible and, more importantly, fun for everyone.

I run a range of exercise classes around the Crayford, Belvedere and Aylesford areas and I make a point of catering to people of all different abilities, ages and fitness levels. Have you ever been to a class or gym and felt totally overwhelmed? You worry that everyone else is fitter than you, that they know the class better or that the instructor won’t take your level and needs into account so you hide away at the back of the room and vow never to go again…

I want to challenge those experiences; to create classes where people can come along and have a great time, whether they’re a lifelong fitness fanatic or a total newbie. I’ve worked as a fitness instructor for the past twelve years and before that I played International Football so I’ve met all sorts of people with all sorts of goals and abilities, and I can tell you for certain that there’s an exercise to suit you: all you need is the right instructor. So take a look at my list of classes, find me on Facebook and join in the Fearless revolution!

COVID-19 UPDATE!! March 29th 2021

Kettlebell classes will resume at All Saints Church Hall, Belvedere on Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 7pm, they will also be live on Zoom for those that can’t make the classes in person. Until the 18th May, kettlebell classes will only be live on Zoom at 6.30pm.

Now I am allowed up to 30 people outside (social distancing still required) the Monday night Bodyweight Bootcamp will now be held at Hall Place, Bourne Road, Bexley at 6.30pm, weather permitting. It will also be going live via Zoom.

Please see the timetable below for up to date info.




Indoor Boot Camp

A full body workout that mixes cardio with bodyweight exercises, my indoor Boot Camp class uses bodyweight and a variety of equipment to achieve maximum results. The idea of a Boot Camp may sound hard-core, but I always tailor my classes to every individual’s abilities so you’ll never feel left behind! Also during the summer months i like to take my Boot Camp outside but this is weather dependent.

What my Clients say…

I came to Tara’s class purely by chance. The first session took me days to get over but I loved every minute. I went home and told the old man, who played a very good standard of sport in his youth, that Tara’s class was exceptional and that he should try it. He didn’t! For months! Exercise classes were not for him. Months later I got him there and now he’s addicted. We both find Tara so motivating and have both changed shape. The classes are as hard or as easy as you want and every fitness level is catered for in every class. Neither of us can believe that Tara has not been nabbed by some England set up for her talents. Her enthusiasm is inspiring and we all regularly stand there open mouthed at her ability and fitness.

Janice Ashley, Kent



Kettlebells have been around for years and there is a reason for that, they’re one of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment you will ever come across. They are great for improving strength, flexibility and posture and they work a whole range of muscle groups, which results in higher levels of fat burning.

What my Clients say…

Tara’s classes are just fabulous. The people are really friendly and everyone has fun. Tara is really positive and a great motivator and she encourages everyone to try their best and you can see the improvements in fitness and strength both in yourself and in others. I love Kettlebells, Circuits and Boxercise – the classes are always different and I really enjoy not knowing what each class will involve until I am there! Tara’s classes are simply the best!

Kim Selby, Kent


Box Circuits

This class offers a choice of either Boxing, circuit based exercises or a combination of both. If you want to increase your strength and fitness and get some much needed stress relief then the Boxing is for you! My boxing class uses boxing pads and gloves and includes a variety of bodyweight exercises that helps you build your fitness and improve your coordination in a safe and fun environment. You don’t need previous experience or a killer instinct for this one, just the desire to get fit and enjoy yourself!

The circuit side of this class uses a variety of fitness equipment and offers a whole body workout, focusing on improving overall strength and cardio fitness.

What my Clients say…

“Having been a member of the gym for ages and not really loving it, my Mum suggested I joined her for Tara’s circuits class. Safe to say I was addicted straight away and wanted to try all the other classes too! Tara is so personal, she motivates everyone and changes up exercises to suit all levels. The people in her classes are all so friendly and make you feel really comfortable. I’ve come so far on my fitness journey this year and it’s all thanks to Tara!”

Lauren Binks, Kent


Crayford and Belvedere classes are £6 per class which is to be paid on the day.  

Aylesford classes are £7 per class to be paid on the day. 

All classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. You can pop along to a class whenever you like, or contact me for more info. I’d ask that you aim to arrive ten minutes before your first class so that I can get to know you and your requirements before we start and for you to fill out a health questionnaire.

Club Fitness

As well as running fitness classes, I also run sport specific fitness sessions for sports clubs, after school boxing and circuit workouts for school staff and boxing and circuit workouts for small groups of family and friends who wish to train together.

I have previously done pre-season training for a men’s football team and Bexleyheath and Belvedere ladies hockey team and i am currently doing fitness training with Sevenoaks Town Ladies football team and after school workouts with two schools.

I am also able to do workouts for any companies who wish to keep their staff fit and healthy, so if you are interested please get in touch.

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